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I HAVE SUCH SENSITIVE SKIN! I have tried every kind of hair removal possible. Creams, special razors, threading and lots of waxing. Every time I do I end up with irritated bumpy skin. It would even remain painful for days. And to top it all off, not all of the hair was gone! Well, I found my saving grace, Nunei! She waxed my full legs and bikini. With no irritation! I was so impressed with how professional and clean she was. The atmosphere was so relaxing I almost forgot I was being waxed. The best part of all, it was painless!!! I am so glad I found her; I can’t wait to go back and see her for a facial!                        - Shannon Walsh

Nunei's facials are amazing!! She takes her time and is extremely thorough. The benefit is twofold because you are doing something great for your skin and at the same time it is a relaxing escape. After a facial with Nunei, my skin always feels brand new!      - Angela

    * * *

Nunei is fantastic!

     - Amy Tanaka

This is the place I go for NATURAL BEAUTY!!! Nunei Harrington is the best organic facialist ever!  Ask for the organic Tropical (papaya) facial, it’s delicious!  Now, my skin is so smooth & healthy. Don't forget to get an organic wax, organic healing body wrap, & a gorgeous daytime makeover from Nunei too.  She's a genius! - Janet Bernson

My first experience with Nunei was absolutely unforgettable. I suffer from acne and have been through numerous estheticians, salons, and doctors. All of which have dried up my face causing me to break out even more and scar. Nunei on the other hand treated my skin like a little baby. I did not feel like another name on her appointment book. She is gentle and loving. She patiently took her time to inform me about the needs of my skin. One of the qualities I admire most about her work is her attention to detail and commitment to her clients. When she is not in the salon you can find her researching new products. She is passionate about her work and believes in holistic healing. All of her products are organic and affordable. I highly recommend going to her.                                                                     

                                                                 - Grace Silva

 Nunei has a magical, soothing touch when giving her organic facials.  Knowing that she uses some of the healthiest, safest, organic skin care products on the market today adds extra enjoyment to a wonderful and calming experience!-- Sherry Beall, Radio Host & Producer of Healthy Planet, Healthy Me–KPFK-FM;& CEO of

I walked into the salon to get a hair cut/color, but to my surprise chatted with Nunei the esthetician.  My skin was not happy and I have been on about 8 or more skins regiments the past years for my combination skin mostly oily and breaking out.  I have tried every organic and natural remedy and always wishing they would work, but never did.  I was recommended puremedy acne formula.  I was told this is the one, so why not try it. If I did not like it then I could return it.  In 1 day I saw a difference.  In 1 week I had amazing skin.  My friends commented on how my pores were smaller and my face was soft and radiant.  I have not had a compliment on my skins in years. It feels great to not have acne and when a pimple comes up, it goes away after 1-2 days....that is a miracle!  


Thanks Nunei for your skin advice and helping heal skin from the heart.  I am excited to come back for an organic facial and soy waxing.  I finally have found a place of honesty and love for service.


Kelly Meehan, age 34 

I am very grateful to the universe & life for giving me the time & space to share with you Nunei...She has so many beauty treatments that make you feel like heaven on earth... My facial was lovingly spectacular.  My skin & I were lovingly cared, treated & protected in her capable hands...  Nunei: Thanks once again to let your heart be manifested through your hands & let me feel the way you express your love & light on your daily work...May God bless you on all levels...with Love Karyn Jordan

I just have to spread the praises for Nunei! She has literally transformed my life and how good I feel about myself. Her wax really works, and I have noticed not only the amount of hair has decreased, but it grows back so much slower that it’s nearly not noticeable at all! She is such a wonderful woman, and I have to give her all the gratitude in the world. She is not only kind and takes her time, but she is quite witty and will keep a smile on your face throughout the entire process. Thank goodness for Nunei and her virtually painfree waxes!   Kat Brown